VM Marble Craft Mr. Victor M. Malayo Marble Almires 09186382309 / 09193943674 The enterprise started in 1988 with an initial capitalization of P10,000, growing to P130,000 at present. The proponent learned the ropes of the trade fast. Later, they transferred to Odiongan and set up their own marble novelty shop. They purchase semi-finished products from Romblon, Romblon and ship them to Odiongan where letter and design carvings are done. They set up a display shop in the town and also supply other marble shops at the Odiongan port. Sales for novelty items had been rewarding in Odiongan that the proponents decided to expand production. Instead of purchasing finished products from Romblon, they plan to process the raw stones completely until they become finished products. They need more specialized equipment like lathe machine for this. They also need to acquire more polishing and grinding machines to go with the addition of the lathe machine. In as much as the purchase of a lathe machine entails a big capital, the proponents look up to the SETUP of the DOST as their saving grace. Today, the firm is already in the supervision of his wife as the proponent was deceased last December 2018.