Chic Bamboo Fan



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"Imagine the breath of
wind that blows from the
strands stripped from the
bamboo. GreenFields Crops
and Crafts' bamboo fan is
made from thinly stripped
bamboo strands intricately
twisted and coiled to form a
pad of simple wind machine.
Its loops are tightly locked
and dyed with vibrant colors
that suit the style of every user.
Also, each fan is light-weight,
handy, and elegant to fit in
any season."

The firm started its operations in 1991 and supplied the Bataan market with arrowroot starch. Bakers in Bataan bake the starch into cookies for the pasalubong as well as the export market. From 1991 to 1998 the firm enjoyed brisk business and was delivering an average annual production of 150 sacks valued at P330,000.00. The firm served as integrator and purchased arrowroot starch from farmers and delivered the same to buyers in Bataan. In 1998, however, the firm was blacklisted as one of theor farmer-suppliers delivered an adulterated starch composed of arrowroot and cassava. This prompted the buyers in Bataan to cancel all orders. As a result, all the arrowroot farmers in the area were affected and also stopped production. The owner, meanwhile, went to Jordan to work as an OFW. The firm was again revived in 2008 when the owner returned from working abroad. Noting the potential of the former business they have planted their four (4) hectare farm with arrowroot and had started producing starch. Learning of the firm’s revival, the PSTC linked the firm with Rejano’s Bakery in Marinduque which readily signified its intent to purchase whatever volume of starch or flour the firm would produce. This year, the firm had planted four (4) hectares with arrowroot and is expected to harvest about 60 sacks arrowroot starch valued at P140,000. The firm had also encouraged ten more farmers in odiongan to plant arrowroot. They would purchase the roots from the farmers and process them into starch.
Moreover, the firm is also producing chic bamboo fans which can be seen nowadays in Kultura at SM stores.