Hayn’s Tamarind Candy


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"Hayn's Tamarind Candy is an all-natural sweet and sour dessert made from pure tamarind, and sprinkled with sugar to lock in freshness. Hayn's Delicacies offer two varieties of this treat - Original, and Hot.

While the original flavor adds a little sweetness to the sourness of tamarind, the hot flavor makes the sweet and sour treat a little spicy. These flavors will definitely make you crave for more!"

The proponent learned to process tamarind into sweets from a neighbor while she was in Manila in 2002. She worked for her neighbor packaging the sweet tamarind while learning the craft herself. A year later, she went back to Romblon and made processing tamarind her business. With a P15,000.00 capital, she started purchasing tamarind fruits which abound in the locality and started processing them. Her product was slowly accepted until she found a following. With this acceptance, the firm also included yema and pastillas in its product line. Presently she supplies grocery stores, sari-sari stores.

The firm had been promoted by DTI in fairs that feature Romblon products. Their candies were always cleaned up in shelves. The producer, however, could not get repeat orders for her goodies because her production volume could not meet orders and her packaging was not that impressive. The DTI had also provided the firm with a packaging material and a label design that the firm uses. The proponent, however, feels that development of the package and label still has to be made. In this light, the proponent applied for her first SETUP in 2009 in the form of package and label development for tamarind candy. With the SETUP assistance, the firm’s success was manifested through the physical improvements in the workplace and a label design that was accepted by the market. The firm was able to purchase a delivery trike for Odiongan market but relies on a roving store for the distribution of her products within Tablas Island. The firm was also able to employ a growing workforce, from two before SETUP to six after the intervention.

The firm was also assisted through MPEx. The consultants provided more ways for the firm to improve its productivity and the bottom line.