Tinnie’s Peanut Butter



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"Never need to look for one of the most delicious flavors of peanut butter as Tinnies Peanut Butter, have them now for all of you. Tinnies Peanut Butter is the first ever peanut butter manufacturer in the town of Odiongan, Romblon and one of today’s firm-to-beat distributor in the province. Their peanut butter has been widely known with its great tasting quality and the satisfaction it brings. A “monay” or bread rolls with Tinnies peanut butter spread is totally bracing, add a creamy coffee or cold soda to go with, and it’s perfect.

Every bread loves Tinnie’s spread."

Tinnie's Food Products Ms. Mary Jane F. Manalo Tinnie's Peanut Butter 09206611708 The company started in 1977 and is the first peanut butter firm in Odiongan. The product itself is named after the manager’s mother, Mrs. Rene “Tinnie” S. Fedelin, who originally formulated their product. The firm started that year by first introducing the product to close friends and relatives which then expanded to schools and government agencies. Though it was only through the “word of mouth” that the quality product of the firm was known, it is now considered as a firm to beat in the local peanut butter market. The firm is supplying almost every groceries, stores, and bakeries in the municipality that the market is almost saturated with their product. This makes it hard for competitors to penetrate the local market. Aside from Odiongan, the firm is also supplying other stores in nearby municipalities and even Banton and Sibuyan Islands. In the year 2000, a trade fair was joined by the firm where all of their 10,000 bottles sold out. Everyone who bought the product were very much satisfied with its taste, however, most commented that the packaging and label can still be improved. Today, the market for the firm’s product is not only growing locally but demand has also been made in the Manila area. The firm had already planned to apply for SETUP since the program started, however it is only now that the firm realized the opportunity brought about by the program.