Marble Lampshade



  • Category: Home decoration

DGM Marble Supply's lampshade makes an excellent accent for a dream house. It is also ideal for gifts and tokens and is a classic decor for offices and parks. It is available in different spectrum of designs and shapes that perfectly complement any backdrop of your choice. Color selections are bright earthly brown called "Argo", undulating strips of brown and white called "Century", cloudy white called "White Marble", blend of leafy green and white shades called "Green Onyx", ash gray called "Gray Marble", and midnight black called "Black Marble". Sizes of these lamps also come in various dimensions such as 4x6", 5x8", 6x10", and 7x12" to fit on your opted space of display. Moreover, these marble lampshade are electricity-powered and are surely long lasting.

DGM Marble Supply Denia G. Madeja Marble Lampshade 09479279899 The owner was once a corporate secretary in her cousin’s marble plantation. Crude gasoline then was at hike, however and due to economic difficulties, the plant stopped its operations. The owner having in mind that the work is what she can do best and is the only source of her living, decided to buy a secondhand lathe machine. Fate went with her smoothly. One of her colleagues also offered her a space for display in the municipal shopping area. These became the start of her business. In 2005 with P100,000 cash for raw materials and other needed manpower, she formally registered her business under the name DGM Marble Supply. The firm goes steady through time and finally in 2011, to be able to make a stand of her own, she transferred to the next vacant space where at present became her new display area. The lathe machine she bought was small and other equipment are still missing, though. It limits the firm to produce large items which is mostly what the market demands. This is the reason of the firm’s intention to avail of the DOST-SETUP.