Rose Peanut Butter



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"Rose Delicacy offers a wide
selection of flavors from Plain,
Creamy, and Crunchy, to
Cheese, Choco, and No
Sugar that will surely delight
you and kick your taste buds
into overdrive. If you want a
milkier taste and a thicker
texture, go for the creamy
flavor. If you want a feel of
a little bit of rough texture
as peanuts turn into crumbs
inside your mouth, go for the
crunchy! You can also enjoy
a peanut butter perfectly
blended with cheese or
chocolate with the Cheese
and Choco flavors. While for
our hyperglycemic buddies,
the No Sugar flavor would
be the best choice for you."

The proponent started her home-based business in 2008 with an initial capitalization of ten thousand pesos (10,000) that she used to purchase the raw materials and packaging for peanut butter. She started to offer her product to her friends and relatives until one day she noticed that there were more orders coming from different places in bulk. Then, she thought of more strategies to make the product popular and taste different from other peanut butter in the market. She mixed her products with crushed peanut to make it crunchy. With that the product became popular. Then she added flavoring like chocolate and cheese. Consumers from the other town, city and even abroad learned of her products and started to become popular and became best sellers. She now has regular market outlets in her town and in other nearby towns, even at Romblon and Sibuyan Islands. She started dreaming of expansion so that she could supply the market in other provinces and cities.