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"KR Arts and Signs shirt is one
-of-a-kind giveaways you can
get from Romblon. Its unique
designs, printed on a 100%
cotton shirt through heat-
press or silk-screen printing
will surely capture your
artistic mind and attention.
Kr Arts and Signs Shirt
designs could be embossed or rubberized to give a more creative impression. These souvenir shirts blend trends, fashion, and coziness into one tee!"

KR Arts and Signs started in 2004. Their initial orders only cover ribbons, simple banners and printed shirts for specific activities of schools, private organizations, political campaign and fiestas. With the owner’s passion, professionalism and quality workmanship, it’s Php5,000 capital gradually increased over time. The business began to make a name and establish good reputation among their clients through their quality but affordable services. Their market eventually reached to neighboring municipalities of San Agustin and Simara. By then, they started producing large-size banners for bigger events and souvenir t-shirts and other novelty tokens for local tourism. While the owner is an elementary teacher, their shop became the main supplier of ribbons, streamers activity banners and printed P.E uniforms of all schools in Calatrava. Moreover, other schools from different nearby towns continue to come in for business deals. Their current production capacity however is limited because of lack of equipment. They are currently practicing hand/brush, silk screen and heat-press printing for their items which are tedious and time-consuming. With this limitations, they tend to turn down bulk orders and eventually lose customers. Having an initial engagement with SETUP in 2015 which greatly improved their customized shirt production, the firm believes that the program could again help them with this their constraint in banner/tarpaulin production, thus applying for DOST’s assistance.