Julia’s Ginataang Bagoong



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"In search for a salty but creamy dip good for green mangoes? Julia’s fish paste sautéed with coconut milk is a deli you would ever love for them. Its mixture has a secret ingredient that only Julia knows. Want to know it? Then taste it. Moreover, its production is now conforming to food safety standards as Julia’s Food Products is now FDA accredited.
Have some and enjoy an appetizing experience with Julia’s Ginataang-Bagoong."

As a mother of four, the proponent relies to his husband’s income from contract carpentry and masonry services to support their family and the education of their eldest son who is presently studying at the Romblon State University taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. It was hard for their family to make ends meet especially with the low and intermittent income of his husband. When she was thinking of how to help her husband and her family, she became aggressive in attending livelihood seminars and trainings conducted by different government agencies. From there, she gained knowledge on how to start a business and thought of using her inert potential in cooking. She tried to cook coco jam out of the coconuts from her relative’s farm. Upon making some finished products, she tried jump from one public office to another. When she visited DTI, one their employees encouraged her to pursue her business due her product’s market potential. From there, her hopes were lifted. She then formally registered her business in DTI and regularly produced coco jam since then. To date, she produces at least 100 bottles per week. Demand on the other continuous to grow for the firm especially with the recent purchase order from the former mayor of Calatrava. The proponent wishes to upgrade their production facility and address the increasing demand for their product, hence tapping DOST for assistance.