Chili Powder



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"Spicy lover? Try this organic chili powder and enjoy its fiery taste while your health is not compromised. Philagrivest offers you diverse organic farm products that could give you blissful satisfaction and healthy profits at the same time. They are one of the most renowned supplier of chili in the towns of Odiongan, San Andres, Calatrava and Looc. To be an effective condiment, these chilies were dehydrated, pulverized and elegantly packed. A mighty ingredient to a savory, palatable, and mouth-watering menu. Perfect for your Bicol Express, Sisig, Shawarma, Laing, and dips for fried chicken, fried fish, siomai, barbecue, isaw and more!

Enjoy your meals with Philagrivest’s Chili Powder!"

Where there is food, there is chili. Eating, in the Philippines is an important social activity; and condiments and sauces are an integral part in every household table, restaurants, fast food outlets, bars and diners. Chili is generally used as a condiment. It can be used fresh or it can be processed into powder, flakes and sauce or paste. Some of the most common Filipino cuisines that use chili are the super-hot Bicol Express, Sizzling Sisig, and different versions of “Sukang Pinakurat”. It is also used in instant foods like sardines and noodles in their hot variants.
Tablas and its local merchants experience dramatic changes brought about by industrialization. Numerous establishments, especially in Odiongan, are continuously being opened resulting to an overall increase in hotels, restaurants and bars, fast food chains, resorts and pizzerias. This proliferation of business establishments proportionately increased the demands for condiments and sauces locally.
The push of the Provincial Government on Tourism also brought about the opening of specialty retailers and restaurants that carry a variety of condiments and sauces to cater the foreigners and locals alike.