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"ACF Bakeshop is one of the leading bakeries in Odiongan, Romblon to create this one unique bread variety, ""Tipin"". It is a thin, round white crisp of bread, a mouth-watering delight perfect with both hot and cold quenchers. Tipin is one of the most distinct and loved pasalubong from Romblon.

You can only imagine the pleasure of TIPIN crumbling in your mouth until one bite."

ACF Commercial Angelica C. Fernandez ACF Tipin (042) 567-5102 ACF is a heritage company in Odiongan that was established in 1988. It is engaged in trading and production of noodles and breads among others. When the owner noticed that the breads they produce contribute largely to their sales, they decided to specialize in it and started to deliver to small store owners in nearby barangays.

The firm’s fortitude in business was a product of manual work and basic equipment in baking such as an ancient oven, wooden banca and table among others. Before, their production capacity ranges only from 10’ - 50,000 pcs. of breads. The firm went by this production system for a long time until 2014 when they learned about DOST’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program. The intervention introduced modern baking equipment to the firm as well as packaging and labeling innovations. Upon approval of the RTEC, the firm was awarded with heavy duty baking equipment such as dough mixer along with other kitchen aids such as stainless table and stainless steel shelves. The assistance on packaging on the other hand includes P.E. plastic with direct printed label designs and sleek direct printed boxes for packaging of their hard bread varieties such as Tipin, Aglipay, Jacobina and Ugoy-Ugoy.

Tipin, their best seller, was the focus of the packaging intervention as DOST wishes to develop an original Romblon product. Before, Tipin was sold in a thin plastic knot-tied to seal. Quality was compromised as the packaging used was not air tight resulting to crisp deterioration of the bread. Upon using the band sealing technology, the bread was packaged tightly and neatly and can now last for more than two months still crispy and milky. This improvement allowed them to export the product as far as Dubai, New Zealand and USA.

The distinct taste of the Tipin captured the hearts of the consumers and the Undersecretary for Scientific and Technological Servises, Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, when she visited Romblon on April 2016. While enjoying the bread, Usec. Guevara did not help but suggest that Tipin as to its distinct and quality taste should be brought to the Duty Free and to the Philippines Airlines. It was heart-warming to listen to, thus, the aggressive move of ACF to further improve its product. In the 1st quarter of this year, ACF accepted the privilege to be a beneficiary of CAMPI and MPEX. The owner and its workers show diligent cooperation in the program that even the layout of the on-going construction of their new production building was patterned to the recommendations of the consultants.

To date, ACF Bakeshop belongs to the rank and file in the baking industry in the province. Along with increase in population in Odiongan, however, is a concomitant increase in demand for the firm’s breads. ACF Bakeshop wishes to clamp down this market bucket loads through a factory-level production capacity, thus its intention to reapply for SETUP. It has also fully settled its first obligation on the program as an initiative to ensure smooth flow in its reapplication process.