Rovilla’s Instant Ginger Tea



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"For many generations, ginger tea, known locally as salabat, has been widely used for its health benefits. Rovilla's Instant Ginger Tea captures the sharp aroma and the classic tangy flavor of the timeless drink.

Known for its sharp aroma and classic tangy flavor, ginger tea can help strengthen immunity, maintain normal blood circulation, and improve digestion. Aside from this, it can act as a fat burner and help in weight loss, and prevent high blood pressure. It has also been proven to minimize the risks of diabetes because it can help the body manage glucose levels and keep it in check.

Try a cup of Rovilla's Instant Ginger Tea as an alternative to synthetic energy drinks. This all-natural drink will allow your body to stay active."

The owner of the firm learned the craft of tea manufacturing in one of her neighbors in 2001. Though there is a standard formula in the preparation of ginger tea, the owner improved the formula through following the suggestions of their customers. Eventually the firm came up with a product that is mostly preferred by ginger tea drinkers in town. Their product became popular even to other island municipalities of the province such as Simara and Romblon and as far as Kalibo and Boracay. Also, Overseas Filipino Workers from America and Japan who were satisfied by the product buys the tea as pasalubong to their co-workers and relatives and for their own use when they return abroad. Recently in 2016 though, the business was formally handed down to the owner’s son, Mr. Eugene F. Escarilla.

In 2009 and 2013, the firm became one of the beneficiaries of SETUP. The firm was provided with package and label assistance and appropriate equipment for tea processing. The firm was also enrolled in DOST-MIAMROPA’s Mentoring Program in which trainings on Financial Management, Operational Management, and Marketing were included. Meanwhile, the firm served as project representative of Home-based Industries Manufacturers Organization (HIMO) for the project on Quality Enhancement for Products of Start-up MSMEs through Packaging & Labeling (year 4). The project in which the firm is also one of the beneficiaries involves showcasing the form-fill-seal technology in sealing of pillow packs for powdered products like teas. As a result of this product development, Rovilla’s ginger tea was opted to be part of the Governor’s Sulong Romblon Tea Selections which is recognized as one of the province’s flagship products. The interventions greatly improved the firm’s productivity and product quality.

Meanwhile, the firm keeps cultivating its market and continues to grow. To date, they were able to supply almost 60% of the Tablas island and penetrate a few areas in Manila such as the Eco Store and SM Jazz in Makati. Its products are also displayed in Merl’s Suman sa Lihiya outlet in Calapan. Its latest market opportunity is its consignment with Dr. Carl Balita’s Lyf Wellness Options which has been recently made part of DOST’s One Store located at Timog Ave. Quezon City. Not only had the firm’s products become popular but also the proponents. After the success of the Mentoring Program, the predecessor (mother of the owner) and her product were featured in DZMM’s Teleradyo Negosyo wherein the focus are the senior citizens who despite their age can still manage a business.

The firm was prompted to upgrade their production system after an encounter with a dealer in a product exhibit at the World Trade Center, Pasay, Manila. He was approached by one company owner who is interested for his products. This company owner asked him to supply them with 1,000tons of ginger tea every month. The owner was stunned because their present production capacity cannot address the demand so he turned down the offer. This is the reason the firm wishes to upgrade their production. He wants to reclaim the opportunity and keep up with this demand.

Although the firm is yet to graduate from its 2013 SETUP obligation, their good paying records have brought them to soon settle their obligations this November 2016. Hence, the confidence to apply for another assistance under the same program.