Papaya Soap



  • Category: Hygeine

"G&L Natural Products introduces herbal soaps containing different kinds of natural ingredients that are extracted and formulated to give you a very satisfying effect on your skin. These soaps were made through the cold-process technique that preserves all of its active ingredients. Available in 100 grams per piece.

Soap variations and its benefits:
Papaya Soap (Natural Skin Softener and Whitener)
Calamansi Soap (Mint Freshness and Skin Toner)
Akapulko Soap (Anti-Fungal)
Lirio Soap (Skin Whitening)
Kakawate Soap (Germicidal)
Cucumber Soap (Skin Whitening and Anti-Oxidant)
Carrot Soap (Anti-Aging and Skin Softener)
Aloe Vera Soap (Skin Moisturizer)
Guava Soap (Anti-Bacterial)
Kamias Soap (Skin Whitening)
Malunggay Soap (Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxidant)"

The firm was established in 2002 after Mr. Villostas attended a seminar on soap production. The firm’s products were readily accepted by the market as the herbal bandwagon was popular and patronized. From a single papaya soap in 2002, the firm now has 11 variants of soap named after the plant extract used in formulation. From a PhP50,000 capitalization taken from the family savings the firm had grown their assets ten times more including the constructed workplace and a service vehicle for hauling raw materials and products.

The firm’s first attempt on SETUP in 2010 proved well. They were able to supply their target market. Concomitant to this, however, is the relative hike in demand which the firm currently tries to handle. Several big-time buyers are approaching them to buy in bulk. This is what prompted the firm to again turn to the PSTC and avail of the SETUP assistance for the second time.