Marble Urn



  • Category: Home decoration

"One of the best way to honor a loved one who has passed away is to place their ashes in a beautiful cremation urn. Shaken’s Marble Products at Ilauran, Romblon, Romblon offers you a beautiful vessel that would allow you to keep your loved one near while protecting their earthly remains. This urn, made with durability and style in mind, features high quality marble found in Romblon. Thankfully, the urn comes with many option of colors to adjust and customize to your needs. The following colors are available:

• bright earthly brown called ""Argo"";
• undulating strips of brown and white called ""Century"";
• cloudy white called ""White Marble"";
• blend of leafy green and white shades called ""Green Onyx"";
• ash gray called ""Gray Marble""; and
• midnight black called ""Black Marble""

This urn can also be bought in various dimensions like 9x7” (standard size) and 5x7”. Aside from keeping ashes, you can also use this product to secure some of your valuable items like your keys and/or your precious jewelries. Also, if you want to deposit savings without worrying for a maintaining balance, this urn can also serve as your vault.

Note: Price varies on the size, design and color of the preferred urn."

The enterprise was established as an offshoot of the parents’ marble business. The parents of the proponent own the ELR Marble Supply and have a cutting plant in Ilauran, Romblon, Romblon. The proponent was given the chance by the parents to put up their own business and become independent. The parents of the proponent own a quarry and a marble cutting plant. The proponent learned the ropes of the business through the parents who taught them with the intricacies of marble processing as well as marketing the products. Not to compete with her parents she developed her own product lines which are marble furniture and jars. She learned that marble tables and stools as well as jars are easy to sell especially in fairs that she attended since she started her own business. In 2010, the proponent applied for a SETUP assistance enabled her to put her own lathe machines which enabled her to produce the items she sells. Realizing the capacity of the proponent, her parents offered her the old cutting plant to refurbish and make her own. The proponent accepted the challenge to upgrade and rehabilitate the plant knowing pretty well the upturn that her business is experiencing.