Banana Crackers Classic-No Sugar 100gms



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  • Category: Delicacies

General Consumption; Metallic Stand-up Pouch; Ziplock Laminated Label; No Sugar Added, Healthy & Nutritious, No Preservative, w/ FDA-LTO

Real’s Food Products was an established family business in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The owner, Mrs. Hope Joy Palermo, started the business in 2007 with a capital of P2,000.00 with which they produced 100 packs of finished products. Because of their unique techniques, their customers enjoyed eating their crackers as snacks. There are Korean customers who want to order by tons. But, for now, they are supplying them 16 – 20kg twice a week. The business helps farmers and banana vendors by providing them access on regular market for their banana products. It also provides part time jobs and additional income for students, employment opportunities, investment infusion, and value added products resulting in increased gross domestic city production.

The firm was provided with automatic slicer, stainless steel frying machine, automatic slicing machine, stainless kitchen sink with tubular brace, automatic sealer, label “3x4”, and resealable stand-up pouch with zip lock 100’s. They were also provided with production process and product quality improvement through integration of cGMP/Food Safety and Productivity Consultancy for Manufacturing Operations (MPEX) on 2017.

The firm acquired their FDA-LTO on October 2017.