Vacuum Fried Dilis



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"Who is the product for? For adult, ready for esport
What are the product’s basic details (40g. Nt. Wt. (plain, spicy, barbecue flavor), SUP foil packaging (16cm x 5cmx 10cm));
Why is the product useful or better than competitors? Best for snacks or “pulutan”"

The BMSCC is a group of fisher folks that ventured into processing of anchovies using the improved-design vacuum fryer of DOST- Industrial Technology Development Institute.

Under the BUB funds of LGU Mogpog, a cGMP-compliant processing center was established for the production of healthy alternative snack foods, the vacuum fried anchovies.

With its continuous efforts on improving its processing facility and the whole business operations, the firm is now waiting for the release of their FDA-LTO.