"Moriones Bakeshoppe Cassava Cookies (Box)"



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  • Category: Delicacies

"Who is the product for? For children, adult and even seniors, ready for export;
What are the product’s basic details (250g. Nt. Wt. Box packaging (13cm x 10.5cm x 7cm);
Why is the product useful or better than competitors? The product is Gluten free and high in dietary fiber. Made from all (pure) arrowroot tubers with no preservatives. Available in different variants including low sugar, with malunggay and all organic ingredients. "

In 2011, the DOST-MIMAROPA provided innovation system support through the SETUP for the improvement of the package presentation of their cassava cookies. And in 2012, the firm was enrolled in the DOST-MPEX program for the proper plant layout and other recommendations for business operations. After realizing the potential of business expansion the firm started renovation of its production center to conform with cGMP and Food Safety standards as recommended by MPEX consultants.
In 2015, the firm re-applied for DOST SETUP assistance and have received technical assistance for the acquisition of Fabricated Cookie Depositor, Heavy-duty Mixer and improved product package presentation.
Ongoing process for acquiring FDA-LTO.