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"For Households, employees, lovers of sweets pastries,

Grace Dinglasan tried a recipe from borrowed eggs, sugar and flour, baked it, then launched at the Goto Mami Restaurant owned by a relative. Using a borrowed pizza oven, she recreated the cheesy cake she launched at the restaurant. She walked through town with her cheesy cake, then into government offices and schools in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.
Grace at that time was practically on her own, working with ingredients with just a hand mixer, and baking them on top of a small stove. With only three workers to help her, production capacity was only at 190 to 200 cheesy cake bars per day.
When she could not meet her orders, she felt like giving up. Tired and stressed, Grace continued to explore ways to address this problem and pleaded God ‘s guidance and strength.
The answer to Grace’s prayers came during the Agbiliwa Provincial Agro-Industrial Trade Fair and Exhibit held at the municipal plaza where she introduced her business as RichBlitz Sweets. It was also during this event that Engr. Bobby C. Matira, the PSTD of DOST’s Occidental Mindoro Provincial Office, who was on the lookout for new products, took notice of her tasty cakes. When Engr. Matira introduced to her DOST’s services that could help improve her business, Grace at first could not believe what was happening, but she grabbed the opportunity nevertheless.
DOST’s S&T intervention gave Grace more leeway to be more creative and innovative with her products. Apart from the trademark cheesy cake, Richblitz Sweets started making muffins, all-occasion cakes, buko pies, Brazo de Mercedes, banana bread, and cookies.
Richblitz Sweets products initially were packaged in plain grey cartons with cheaply printed labels. There was no sign of sweetness in the functional but doldrum packaging, something that was not appropriate to the yummy pastries contained inside.