Terms and Conditions


Your use and visit of mimaropaventures.ph is subject to your complete agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions presented in this user agreement. This user agreement may be modified from time to time as may be deemed necessary by mimaropaventures.ph.


Mimaropaventures.ph is a user-friendly e-commerce platform for, and featuring products and services from micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) in the MIMAROPA Region – otherwise known as Region IV-B, comprised of the provinces of Occidental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan – and are assisted by the Department of Science and Technology-MIMAROPA (DOST-MIMAROPA), Department of Trade and Industry-MIMAROPA (DTI-MIMAROPA), Department of Labor and Employment IV-B (DOLE IV-B), Department of Agriculture IV-B (DA IV-B), and Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR IV-B). DOST-MIMAROPA and the Palaweno ICT Association (PICTA) created this website with URL: https://mimaropaventures.ph that allows you to conveniently upload and sell products. Airfreight 2100, Inc. (Air21) is the official delivery service of the products purchased through the website, while its affiliate, Shopinas.com, is the facilitator of payments made for products purchased through the website.

Your Account

To create and maintain your account in mimaropaventures.ph, it is understood that you:
  1. have read, accepted, and agreed with all the terms presented in this user agreement; which applies to your visit and use of any and all services of mimaropaventures.ph
  2. have submitted only true and accurate information about you and the products you are selling to mimaropaventures.ph, and will make sure to keep this information up-to-date;
  3. are of legal age and therefore can enter into any legal transaction with mimaropaventures.ph users, Air21 and Shopinas.com;
  4. are a bona fide government-assisted micro-, small-, and medium-scale enterprise (MSME); and
  5. are in charge of keeping the confidentiality of your account details and therefore will not share your password or any account-related information that might result in unauthorized access or use of your account.

Being a mimaropaventures.ph User

As a buyer or seller, you understand and agree that mimaropaventures.ph can and will temporarily or permanently suspend your account or remove items you upload without prior notice if you violate any of the terms in this user agreement. Therefore, you submit yourself to this user agreement and will not:
  1. do anything that goes against the spirit of mimaropaventures.ph
  2. upload viruses or use technology that can undermine mimaropaventures.ph
  3. intentionally or unintentionally provide false, inaccurate, misleading information about yourself during registration with visit to and usage of, mimaropaventures.ph
  4. provide or claim information about other people as your own for any reason
  5. give any information that may violate someone's privacy
  6. allow someone else to use or transfer your account without your expressed permission and without notifying mimaropaventures.ph
  7. share your login credentials or any information that can compromise the integrity and security of your account
  8. ask other members for their login credentials or other information that can compromise the integrity and security of their account
  9. collect or spread information about users and visitors of mimaropaventures.ph for malicious purposes such as pyramid schemes, spam, chain letters, and other similar or related schemes

If you are a SELLER, you will not:

  1. post or upload products that are unsuitable or opposed to the general principles of mimaropaventures.ph
  2. post or upload products that are sexual, violent, offensive to one's ethnicity, religion or beliefs, or anything offensive to the general public
  3. unfairly price your products
  4. post or upload products that you cannot deliver
  5. default from your obligations with buyers of your products unless, despite doing everything you can to communicate with the buyer:
    1. the identity of the buyer cannot be determined
    2. the buyer's address was vaguely or inaccurately submitted during purchase
  6. hold mimaropaventures.ph responsible for whatever may come from the buyers' purchase of your product such as false, bad, or inaccurate reviews
  7. intentionally or unintentionally give a false or inaccurate description of your product (e.g. size, weight, dimension, purpose)
  8. default from your obligations such as maintaining the good quality of your products and delivering them to your buyers at the right place and at the right time
  9. withhold any documents, materials and accessories necessary for the buyer to receive and consume/use the products obtained from you
  10. sell any of the following prohibited items:
    1. animal skins (from non-domesticated, endangered, or critically-endangered animals)
    2. articles of unusual value
    3. dangerous goods/hazardous materials
    4. firearms and explosives
    5. furs
    6. live animals
    7. perishables (products with shelf-lives of less than 7 days)
    8. personal effects
    9. plants
    10. pornographic materials

If you are a BUYER, you will not:

  1. give inaccurate or vague information or any information that will cause the seller to be unable to deliver the products you bought
  2. lie about your experience as a buyer
  3. hold mimaropaventures.ph responsible for products you purchased from members of mimaropaventures.ph that are of bad quality
  4. use any information you get from sellers for malicious purposes
  5. buy any of the following prohibited articles:
    1. animal skins (from non-domesticated, endangered, or critically-endangered animals)
    2. articles of unusual value
    3. dangerous goods/hazardous materials
    4. firearms and explosives
    5. furs
    6. live animals
    7. perishables (products with shelf-lives of less than 7 days)
    8. personal effects
    9. plants
    10. pornographic materials

Fees and Charges

Buyers and sellers – who are MIMAROPA Region MSMEs assisted by DOST-MIMAROPA, DTI-MIMAROPA, DOLE IV-B, DA IV-B, and DAR IV-B – are encouraged to join mimaropaventures.ph.

Registration, which entitles sellers to create their account and upload their product/s, is absolutely free.

For sellers:
  1. Shopinas.com will be deducting 2% commission from the MIMAROPA Ventures’ seller proceeds for every successful transaction made. Shopinas.com shall also charge 4% payment solutions charge for successful transactions made, deducting from the sellers’ sales proceeds
    1. If the seller fails to have the items shipped to the customer, for whatever reason, transaction shall be cancelled.
    2. If the buyer decides to return the item, provided it has the sellers consent, and provided that it’s within 5 days after the item is shipped to the customer, transaction shall be cancelled. However, either party shall be liable for the pick-up, delivery, and shipping costs.
    3. If buyer decides to return item beyond 5 days after receipt, all transaction fees shall apply. Seller may mediate with customer for returns, but the cost will either be on the buyer or seller. Additionally, transaction fees are non-refundable by then.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us at mimaropaventures.ph. The information you provide is and will remain private and will not be sold or shared with any third party without your permission. You can change the information you provide us anytime.

Please read the Privacy Policy for details on how we protect your information and the times when we need to share them.

Communicating with mimaropaventures.ph

You may contact mimaropaventures.ph electronically. When you communicate with us electronically, you are giving your permission to receive e-mails from mimaropaventures.ph to reply to your message, or to receive e-mails on matters we need to communicate to you such as, but not limited to, confirmation of your order/s, an e-mail alert on someone’s order from your store, and other automated messages sent by mimaropaventures.ph about a service you subscribed to, which you can deactivate if you wish.

Limitation of Liability

During registration, it is understood that both buyers and sellers have agreed to:
  1. give only true and accurate information and description of the products uploaded in their stores
  2. sell only products they can deliver
  3. submit all information needed to aid the delivery of the products they bought and communicate with the seller
  4. post only truthful product comments/testimonials on the products they bought
Mimaropaventures.ph does not guarantee a satisfactory experience on the quality and delivery of the products you are buying, accuracy, and decency of comments and testimonials on the product you are selling, and provision for all necessary buyer information for a hassle-free delivery.

Therefore, you do not hold mimaropaventures.ph responsible for your experience resulting from your transaction with mimaropaventures.ph’s buyers, and sellers.