At first the focus of the Obet Artworks Mindoro Souvenir is not for income but to promote the product because we they believe that if buyers will patronize the product, income will follow. Obet Artworks and Mindoro Souvenir is owned and managed by Norbert L. Cajayon and his wife Lilibeth.
Obet , as he is popularly known observed that people are receptive to new ideas and designs, would usually try it out whenever they see something new; when they find the product with has quality and inexpensive, they will buyers patronizes and recommends it to others, Obet and Lilibeth believes that recommendations works effectively.
By year 2012, Obet and Lilibeth decided to quit their job in order to focus on the business.
Establishing your own business is not as easy as you think, but with passion and creativity as well as Originality, Best, Elegance and Timely” (OBET) everything is possible. One must plan and think a thousand times before starting a business, so as to avoid failure. However, as they say: “Fail a thousand times, succeed a million times.”
To pave the way to a more wider exposure, in 2012, Obet Artworks and Mindoro Souvenir put up a mini showroom beside their house for the purpose of showing their finished products to the customers. Also, during this year, the handicraft business began supplying souvenir items to other souvenir outlets in San Jose and Mamburao, two strategic municipalities in Occidental Mindoro and reaching likewise Coron in Palawan.
By 2014, , Norbert and Lilibeth decided to register their handicraft home business under the name Obet Artworks.