Gloria M. Sabay and her family left Antique for Malabon in 1981 with a pocket money of PhP 30.00, a small amount which gave her a sense of achievement. Her children were still young and are still in their elementary level of schooling. Her husband was a jeepney driver with not enough income for the family’s needs. Mrs. Sabay thought of helping her husband.
Living in a squatter community in Malabon opened opportunities for Ms. Sabay. Driven by necessity to help her husband, Ms. Sabay started her business after watching her neighbor making homemade candies. She first tried sugar-coated peanuts.
After several years, she and her husband learned from her cousin that there is greater opportunity for her candy making in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, hence, they decided to leave Malabon and settled in Occidental Mindoro since the community where they live was subjected to demolition.
Perfecting recipes for homemade candies, Ms. Sabay’s products carried the name GS Food Products for a single year in 1990 and then later carried the name of her first grandchild, Nicah. Through hardwork, Ms. Sabay and her husband were able to give better education for their four children. She also has provided jobs to her neighbors in the candy making.
True indeed, opportunity opened the doors for Ms. Sabay that in 2009, the Department of Science and Technology through then PSTD Engr. Bobby Matira, afforded Ms. Sabay to upgrade her production process through SETUP.
Nicah’s Food Products are sold in small stores in San Jose public market by wholesale with various saleable products to choose.
For Ms. Gloria M. Sabay, the time has come to pass on the management of the candy making to her eldest daughter Jeannette. Nicah’s Food Products will become Nicah’s Sweets.