New Hope Women Association

Squash Veggie Noodles
Rice Noodles Canton Style
New Hope Women Association (NHWA) is registered with the Department of Labor and Employment. NHWA members are wives of Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) beneficiaries. Both agencies are providing assistance to the association. DAR provided financial assistance for the construction of their production area. DTI supports through market exhibitions in local, regional, and national trade fairs.
NHWA is currently the sole producer of rice noodles in the municipality of San Jose. Rice canton noodle is made of ground rice and malunggay leaves; Squash is a variant ingredient. Rice/squash noodles are pack in 125 grams and sold at PhP 25.00.
NHWA received technology transfer from DOST-FNRI for the production of veggie noodles using squash. Squash is available locally all year-round.
With the positive acceptance of veggie noodles (with malunggay leaves and squash), NHWA plans to continue production of the noodles and will continue to sell them directly to local supermarkets and join local, regional, and national trade fairs.
From simple kitchen utensils and a portable pasta maker, NHWA was able to produce more number of veggie noodles through DOST technology assistance.
Production before DOST intervention is done manually needing an average of 8 workers to complete the process. The association can only produce 100 packs once a week or 400 packs of rice noodles in 125 grams (1/8 kilo per pack) monthly. Lantern paper is used to pack the finished product.
After DOST intervention, production of veggie noodles was reported at 216 packs 3 times production per week or 2,592 packs in a month. (in ¼ kilo weight per pack). Because there are available machines to use, only 5 workers are needed to complete the process. NHWA’s monthly average sales last year was recorded at PhP 34,560.00.
NHWA provided their kitchen tools such as basins, ladles, knives as their counterpart.